Police Driving Simulator

Basic tactics and pursuit driving simulator for police officers.

Police Driving and Pursuit Training Simulator

Apex Officer's police driving simulators are the logical answer for instructing new and veteran police officers. Your Apex Officer Driving system can include a range of functions to support these skills and others in the most realistic environment possible.

With the wide range of simulation options offered by Apex Officer, police officers and law enforcement agencies can benefit from honing their skills in an active vehicle pursuit, judgmental use of force situation, and other emergency crisis intervention, decision-making, scenarios in a way that reduces risk for both law enforcement and others.

Apex Officer Driver Training Simulator

Apex Officer driving simulators can be customized to fit any training exercise that police and law enforcement agencies might require. We offer complete virtual reality solutions, rather than just a simple one-size-fits all driving program, “app” or device. Apex Officer's driving simulators provide a higher level of fidelity than current training simulators and this allows for our police car driving simulators to translate from the training facility to the road.

Apex Officer VR Driving Simulator Features

  • Customized Vehicle Hardware and Equipment
  • Apex Officer Content Library and Curriculum
  • Comprehensive Train-the-Trainer Course
  • Reconfigurable Graphics
  • Cross-Training Interoperability
  • After Action Debriefing

Turnkey Training Solution

The Apex Officer - Driving Simulator includes industry leading, professional grade, equipment at an affordable price point. What really sets this package apart from the rest is our unique Apex Motion System. The package is delivered with everything needed and ready to be assembled. All components are tested and any firmware updates are installed prior to shipping. Technical support is included to help you with any problems along the way.

Police and Law Enforcement Vehicle Models

Apex Officer's virtual reality police driving simulator features a wide range of vehicle models to choose from. Police car models featured in our driving simulator include:

Areas of Focus

Whether a part of an EVOC training course or a centerpiece of your annual Law Enforcement Refresher course, the Apex Officer VR Driving System will allow your police officer to maintain their edge by safely practicing:

  • Negotiation of crowded intersections
  • Appropriate usage of the siren and lights
  • Staying in the appropriate lane position
  • Driver’s situational awareness
  • Keeping other drivers aware of your vehicle
  • Risk management skills
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Traffic stops and high-speed pursuits
  • Pursuit termination
  • PIT maneuver (where applicable)

Apex Officer's virtual reality training systems provide police officers with integrated training for scenarios involving a chase, active shooting, or any other encounter in which the officer needs to feel confident in their technique, regardless of any obstacle. As a result, the overall effectiveness of the police force or agency is taken to the next level.

California Post Perishable Skills

Our virtual reality police driving simulator is designed to assist agencies in keeping personnel current with Continued Professional Training (CPT) and State and POST mandates for Perishable Skills training. Our driving simulator is designed around POST's "Driver Training and Awareness (4 hour minimum standard).

Apex Officer Driver Training Required Topic Examples:

  • Psychomotor Aspects
  • Judgment/Decision Making in Driving
  • Agency Policies
  • Scenario Practices
  • Driving Attitudes

Full list of Apex Officer's virtual reality POST Perishable Skills Training content and simulators.

Five Reasons Why Apex Officer's Driving Simulator is the best Choice for Police Officers and Law Enforcement Agencies

  1. Progressive Skill Development – Apex Officer’s simulators provides an adjustable, progressively difficult skill development path to enhance skills, improve defensive driving and hone decision making skills while behind the wheel.
  2. Safe and Controlled Training Environment – reduce risk and focus on continual reinforcement of training curriculum by allowing students and officers to practice responses to dangerous situations in a safe, controlled environment.
  3. Scenario Builder and Customization – Apex Officer’s DIY scenario builder and customization settings allow the trainer to design scenarios that address learning objectives relevant to your agency and individual students and officers.
  4. Increase Learning Retention and Effectiveness – Apex Officer’s driving simulator is a new, state of the art, experiential technology that promotes a higher transfer of learning and increased retention when compared to other training methods.
  5. Standardized Training Curriculum – Apex Officer’s virtual reality driving simulators feature standardized and compliant training content and modules; meanwhile, providing the instructor with the tools and opportunities to tailor the training to their specific needs.

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