Train the trainer

Level One - Basic Training

Apex Officer’s Level One - Basic Training, provides instructors and trainers with training in the operation and basic maintenance of the Apex Officer virtual reality law enforcement training simulators. Trainees are instructed in the operation and maintenance skills necessary to:

  • Set up the Apex Officer system
  • Operate the system in all modes
  • Troubleshoot training system problems
  • Conduct user-level maintenance
  • Remove failed components for repair or replacement
  • Install replacement parts
  • Update Apex Officer content library

Basic training is available with the purchase of any of Apex Officer's virtual reality training simulators. For customers that currently have an Apex Officer training system but experience operator turnover, refresher courses covering installation level systems training are available.

Level Two - Advanced Training

Apex Officer's Level Two - Advanced Training directed by our staff of skilled trainers builds on the basic/new installation training. These courses can be tailored to meet user needs within system capabilities. Advanced topics include but are not limited to:

  • Planning interactive training scenarios
  • Design and creation of police and law enforcement training scenarios
  • Customize environments, behaviors, and characters from Apex Officer content library
  • Program suspect’s behavior and actions
  • Prepare scenario and debriefing material

Apex Officer also offers courses to train our customers’ own trainers/instructors in the system features and capabilities so that they can better tailor their program of instruction to their training requirements using our training systems.

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