Broward College Institute of Public Safety

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Apex Officer X2

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The Challenge

In 1972, Broward College‘s Institute of Public Safety (IPS) was established. Forty years later, the proof of IPS’s achievements as a respected training center is clearly visible in the quality of the public servants that serve the State of Florida today. However, they were facing a significant challenge: modernizing their training modules to better simulate real-world situations. The traditional methodologies involved role-play, classroom lectures, and practical exercises, which were falling short in providing immersive experiences. Consequently, it was proving difficult to adequately prepare officers for the complexity and unpredictability of real-life scenarios.

The Solution

To address these challenges, IPS decided to incorporate the Apex Officer VR training platform into their curriculum. Apex Officer is a virtual reality training simulator for law enforcement, designed to improve critical thinking skills, decision-making under stress, and overall readiness.

The Apex Officer platform provides a full-scale, immersive environment where trainees can experience a wide range of scenarios, from routine traffic stops to active shooter situations. Each scenario is designed to be as realistic as possible, with the potential to change and evolve based on the trainee's actions. This interactive approach allows for the development of rapid decision-making skills and situational awareness.

Furthermore, the Apex Officer platform includes an after-action review functionality. This feature allows trainers and trainees to review each session in detail, discussing decisions made, reaction times, and potential areas for improvement. This instant feedback loop helps trainees learn from their mistakes and apply the lessons to future scenarios.

The Results

The introduction of the Apex Officer VR training platform has had a profound impact on IPS. Trainees now report a significant increase in their confidence and preparedness. They are able to experience and react to high-stress situations in a controlled environment before facing them in the real world.

Furthermore, the Apex Officer platform has helped IPS measure the effectiveness of their training in a way they couldn't before. The after-action review functionality has proven invaluable in this respect, providing clear insights into how trainees are responding under pressure and which areas need more focus.

Most notably, IPS has reported a significant improvement in the decision-making skills of their trainees. The ability to make fast, effective decisions in high-pressure situations is one of the most critical skills for a law enforcement officer, and the Apex Officer platform has proven instrumental in developing this ability.

Broward College Institute of Public Safety Utilizing the Apex Officer Training Platform.
Broward College Institute of Public Safety Utilizing the Apex Officer Training Platform.