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Apex Officer is a 21st century virtual reality training simulator built by police officers for police officers

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Apex Officer virtual reality police training

Apex Officer is the leader in virtual reality training simulators for police and law enforcement agencies

Apex Officer provides police officers and law enforcement agencies with turnkey virtual reality force options training simulators and VR technology training solutions.

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Apex Officer VR Police Training Simulator

Apex Officer is the leading provider of affordable and turnkey virtual reality force options training simulators and technology solutions for law enforcement agencies across the country.

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Police Officer training in virtual reality

Apex Officer is the best VR police training simulator for law enforcement agencies

With the help of 1000s of our law enforcement partners, Apex Officer built the best virtual reality police training simulator on the market.

  • Easy to use.
    Apex Officer simulators are easy to setup (20 minutes or less) and require minimal technological experience to operate.
  • Modular and upgradable.
    Apex Officer training simulators are completely modular and and can be tailored and upgraded to your training needs.
  • 24/7 support and updates.
    Apex Officer customers receive the best technical service in the business. We update our software weekly.

Apex Officer VR training simulators increase police officer effectiveness by upwards to 300%

Police officers encounter stressful situations on a daily basis. Our community expects the best police officers protecting them. This can only be accomplished through excellent training and preparing officers for the unexpected. Apex Officer accomplishes this. Examples of Apex Officer Training Modules and Scenarios:

Police officer using vr to train

Train with real firearms and equipment modified specifically for a virtual reality training environment

Apex Officer's virtual reality training simulators support a wide selection of firearm training models and less-lethal equipment ranging from Glock, Beretta to Sig Sauer, Taser, Smith & Wesson and more. Apex Officer's hardware division - Apex Arsenal features a full lineup of firearm models that are available for your training needs. However, if you do not see a particular type of duty weapon below, please contact an Apex Officer team member as we are constantly developing newer kits for additional weapons.

Less Lethal

Taser X2 Training Weapon
OC Spray
And More
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Glock 17 Training Weapon
Glock 17/19/22
Sig Sauer P320/M17/M18
Beretta M9
And More
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Sig Sauer MCX Training Weapon
Sig Sauer MCX/MPX
And More
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24/7 customer service and dedicated support team

Through our history of providing innovative interactive virtual reality simulation training technology, Apex Officer has become widely regarded as a low-risk, highly reliable contracting, and business partner. Apex Officer features the industry’s most dedicated and customer committed sales and support team and all Apex Officer customers receive the best technical service in the business.

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