Trademark policy and "Apex Officer" use guidelines.

Trademark Policy and Use Guidelines

Govred Technology, Inc. and its shareholders place great value on the trademarks used with Apex Officer products and services. Each trademark identifies the product or service as originating from Govred Technology, Inc. The following guidelines must be followed to avoid improper use in the United States and other countries where Apex Officer trademarks are registered.

How to Use Our Trademarks

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), trademarks must remain in use if one is intent upon keeping them. As such there are three (3) places the USPTO looks to see if trademarks are in use and they are:

1. On the Product;

2. On the Box;

3. On an Insert to the Box.

Trademarking and the fashion in which it is done is an ongoing process in real life and at Govred Technology, Inc. The way we have done things has evolved over time. Know that we are always striving to simplify matters - for ourselves, for marketing, and for manufacturing.

As such, we will strive first to require necessary changes for proper notice be made to inserts, and then to boxes, and last to the products themselves. In return, we ask your cooperation when ordering parts for new products, designing boxes, and creating inserts– not only to ask us any questions you may have, but also to let us know where you are placing new marks or making changes to the placement of older marks. Every time you do something new or change something existing in regard to placing trademarks on products, boxes, or inserts, manuals, etc., you must send a clear picture of the item to trademark @

House Marks

Govred Technology, Inc. currently has one house marks to date.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines a house trademark as “a trademark that identifies a company, a division of a company, or a company’s product line as the source of a product or service. A house mark and a product mark often appear together on a label — also termed house mark.”

Our House Marks are:

1. Apex Officer

House Marks should be used as frequently as possible and on as many items as possible, without combining any two of them together.

Trademark Designations

Please do not use our trademarks, such as the Apex Officer trademark, with a ™ or an ® next to it. We are no longer cluttering up our website, our marketing materials, or our manuals, etc. with any ™s or ®s. Reference is being made to our marks, instead, with a full Trademark Notice at the bottom (or last page) of each document, box, and on the website under “Legal.” On web documents, where portions of a document may be accessed out of sequence, reference must be made to at the bottom of each page.

Going forward, the only place anyone should see an ® or a ™ is on the Legal page of the Apex Officer website. This list on our website refers to the status of our US trademarks and will be updated periodically.

Trademark Notices

An example of the trademark notice that is on a box or at the bottom of a document is as follows: (For any mark used within the document or on an insert in the box):

Apex Officer is a registered trademark of Govred Technology, Inc.. For more information, visit:

If you want to include a copyright notice and year, do so after the last sentence in the trademark notice, as follows:

Apex Officer is a registered trademark of Govred Technology, Inc.. For more information, visit: © 2022 Govred Technology, Inc.. All rights reserved.

Distributors should pay special attention to the following two paragraphs in particular:

1) Do not use a Govred Technology, Inc. trademark as part of any other trademark, company name, website URL, or metadata.

  • Your use of an Apex Officer trademark must not falsely imply that there is any kind of a relationship between your company and Govred Technology, Inc.
  • You may not incorporate an Apex Officer trademark into your own trademarks, service marks, company names, trade names, website URL, or webpage metadata, unless permitted by a distributor agreement with Govred Technology, Inc.
  • Never combine an Apex Officer trademark with any other description or identification. For example, “Apex Officer-like” is improper.

2) Use each Govred Technology, Inc. trademark to accurately identify the source.

a) Each Apex Officer trademark can only be used to indicate technology, specifications, products and services originating from Govred Technology, Inc. The trademark “Apex Officer” cannot be used for any other purpose. Do not use an Apex Officer trademark to identify or describe products, services, or technology unrelated to Govred Technology, Inc. Specifically:

  • “Apex Officer” must not be used when referring to your product or service.
  • “Apex Officer” must not be used in a description of your product or service.
  • Your use of an Apex Officer trademark must not imply your product or service is sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by Govred Technology, Inc.
  • Your use of an Apex Officer trademark must not falsely suggest to the public that Govred Technology, Inc. is the origin of any of the goods and services you show or describe in your advertising.

Further Information

Only Govred Technology, Inc.'s Trademark Department may grant authorization for trademark uses. If you wish to use our trademarks in any fashion not described in this document, please contact trademark @

Please contact trademark @ with any questions about these guidelines.

Copyright 2022 GOVRED Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

Last Updated: 1/1/2023