Georgia Sheriff's Office Has New VR Training Tool to Train Deputies

Apex Officer is providing Georgia Sheriff's Offices with new virtual reality training technology.

Five Examples of Police Departments Improving Their Training Using VR Simulators

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Perishable Skills Training for Police Officers

Perishable skills training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Arkansas Police Benefit from Apex Officer VR Training

Police departments in Arkansas benefit from VR training simulators from Apex Officer.

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Cincinnati Police Academy Unveils VR Training Simulator

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Apex Officer is the Premier Training Tool for Law Enforcement Agencies

Apex Officer is the premier VR training tool for police departments and law enforcement agencies.

Florida Law Enforcement Agencies Excel With VR Training

Law Enforcement agencies in the state of Florida implement immersive VR training simulators.

Police Departments in Idaho Turn to Virtual Reality for Training

Apex Officer provides Idaho police with VR technology for de-escalation training.

Monmouth County Police Academy Announces VR Training System

Monmouth Police Academy becomes the first agency in NJ to have a dedicated VR training facility.

Virtual Reality Simulator Prepares Iowa's Future Police Officers

Apex Officer provides ILEA Cadets and officers from across Iowa with hands-on training experience.