Latest Apex Officer Resources

Washington Police Officers Begin VR Training

Apex Officer is available to law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Washington.

VR is the Newest De-Escalation Training Tool for Future Utah Police Officers

Utah State University Police Academy utilizes Apex Officer's VR de-escalation to train new students.

Utah Police Academy Adopts Apex Officer Simulator

VR training simulators provided by Apex Officer are being used by Utah police academies.

Mississippi Police Training Simulator

Apex Officer's VR training simulator is now available for Mississippi police departments.

Pascagoula Police Department Launches VR Training Simulator

Pascagoula PD becomes Mississippi's first law enforcement agency to use VR for training.

Patch Exchange | Apex Officer

Patch exchange program for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Apex Officer Training Center

Apex Officer launches #1 VR training facility for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

VR Military Training Simulator

Virtual reality training simulator for the military and armed forces.

New Mexico Police Officers Benefit from Virtual Reality Training

Police officers in New Mexico utilize VR for de-escalation training.

Police Departments in the Midwest Benefit from Virtual Reality Training Simulations

Police departments across the midwest benefit from Apex Officer's VR training simulations.

Training Changes for New Jersey Police Officers in 2022

Law Enforcement agencies in New Jersey prepare for 2022 with Apex Officer's VR training simulator.

Florida Law Enforcement Agencies Excel With VR Training

Law Enforcement agencies in the state of Florida implement immersive VR training simulators.