Latest Apex Officer Resources

Apex Officer's Corrections Simulator Provides Officers with Enhanced Training

Corrections officers utilize the Apex Officer simulator to better prepare them for their job.

Virtual Reality Simulator is Preparing Colorado's Future Police Officers

Colorado police academies are using Apex Officer's VR simulators to train their students.

Apex Officer Fund

Apex Officer Fund provides support for law enforcement programs and scholarships to future officers.

Michigan Sheriff's Offices Adopt Virtual Training System

Apex Officer is bringing new training to Michigan sheriff's offices.

Implicit Bias Training Simulator

Apex Officer's implicit bias training simulator is viewed as one of the top in the country.

Pennsylvania Police Adopt Apex Officer's Training Simulator

Police departments throughout Pennsylvania adopt VR training simulators from Apex Officer.

Virtual Reality is Preparing West Virginia's Future Police Officers

West Virginia criminal justice programs are using VR simulators to enhance their training courses.

Public Safety Dispatcher Training Simulator

Virtual reality training simulator for public safety dispatchers.

Verbal De-Escalation Training for Police Officers

Verbal de-escalation training is an essential training topic for police and law enforcement.

Papillion Police Department's New VR Training Simulator

For over a few months now, Papillion police officers have been testing the waters with VR training.

Self Defense Training Simulator

Apex Officer is the premier virtual reality training simulator for self defense for civilians.

Deescalation Training Simulator for Police Officers

Apex Officer's de-escalation training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies.