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New Training for Illinois's Future Police Officers

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Corrections Officers Improve Training with Virtual Reality

Apex Officer provides corrections officers with the best training simulator in the industry.

Police Officer of the Week Award

A weekly award that is given to LEO that demonstrates the qualities and values of an Apex Officer.

Crisp County Sheriff's Office Leaps into the Future With VR Training Simulator

Sheriff's deputies in Crisp County can now train for use of force and de-escalation in VR.

Nebraska Law Enforcement Agencies Begin Training in Virtual Reality

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Mental Health Training Simulator for Law Enforcement Officers

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Virtual Reality Training 101

Overview of virtual reality training and it's significance for police and public safety.

Community Policing

An overview of community policing and how it helps law enforcement agencies.

How Police Departments Use VR for Implicit Bias Training

Police Departments around the country are using VR for implicit bias training.