Latest Apex Officer Resources

Sheriff Deputy Training Simulator

Virtual reality training simulator designed for Sheriff's offices and deputies.

State Trooper Virtual Reality Training Simulator

State troopers can take their training to the next level with Apex Officer's VR training simulator.

2021-22 Police and Law Enforcement Trade Show and Conference List

A complete list of every police and law enforcement tradeshow, conference, and expo in 2021 and 2022

Deescalation Training Simulator for Police Officers

Apex Officer's deescalation training simulator for police officers and public safety professionals.

2021-22 Police and Law Enforcement Grants

Comprehensive list of police and law enforcement grants and funding opportunities for public safety.

Active Shooter Training Simulator

Active shooter training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

New Technology for Police and Law Enforcement Academies

Apex Officer's is the #1 VR training simulator platform for police and law enforcement academies.

Use of Force Police Training Simulator

Apex Officer's use of force VR training simulator was recently voted #1 among police officers.

VR is the Newest De-Escalation Training Tool for Future Utah Police Officers

Utah State University Police Academy utilizes Apex Officer's VR de-escalation to train new students.

New Training Simulator for Georgia Police Officers

Georgia police officers can now train for use of force and de-escalation in VR.

Maryland State Police Implement VR Training Simulator

"VR training is the wave of the future." - Maryland State Police

Verbal De-Escalation Training for Police Officers

Verbal de-escalation training is an essential training topic for police and law enforcement.