Alabama Police Department Launches Virtual Reality Training

Alabama police officers are improving their training with Apex Officer's virtual reality simulator.

VR Training Simulator for Maine Police Officers

Police and law enforcement agencies in Maine begin VR training with Apex Officer.

Jails and Prisons are Turning to Virtual Reality Training

Apex Officer is providing massive training improvements for jails and prisons.

Crisis Intervention Training Simulator

Crisis Intervention training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Aurora Police Department Debuts VR Training Simulator on CBS Morning News

CBS News recently visited Aurora Police Department to check out their new VR training system.

New Training Simulator for Georgia Police Officers

Georgia police officers can now train for use of force and de-escalation in VR.

Mississippi Police Training Simulator

Apex Officer's VR training simulator is now available for Mississippi police departments.

Police Departments in the Midwest Benefit from Virtual Reality Training Simulations

Police departments across the midwest benefit from Apex Officer's VR training simulations.

Virtual Reality Simulator Provides De-Escalation Training for Cordele Police Officers

Cordele Police Department begins training with new virtual reality technology.

New Technology Adopted by Police Training Centers

Central Illinois police are now using virtual reality training to hone their skills in de-escalation

Apex Officer: Next Generation Force Options Simulator

How Apex Officer is providing law enforcement agencies with new training tools.

Apex Officer is the Top VR Simulator for Georgia Police Departments

Apex Officer has quickly become the top VR training simulator in the state of Georgia.