Latest Apex Officer Resources

VR Improves Police Training for Ohio Law Enforcement Officers

VR training is being used by Ohio K-12 criminal justice programs, law enforcement academies, & more.

Deescalation Training Simulator for Police Officers

Deescalation training simulator for police officers and public safety professionals.

Criminal Justice Program Training Simulator

Criminal Justice Programs are using VR simulators to enhance their training programs.

Corrections Officer Training Simulator

Premier VR training platform and simulator for corrections officers and correctional facilities.

Police Academy Training Simulator

Premier virtual reality training simulator for police and law enforcement training academies.

Use of Force Police Training Simulator

Our use of force VR training simulator was recently voted #1 among police officers.

New York Police Training Changes

Apex Officer is built around Executive Order 203 and New York State's Police Reinvention Collaborati

What is an Apex Officer?

The meaning behind the term Apex Officer.

Patch Exchange | Apex Officer

Patch exchange program for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Deputy Training Simulator

Virtual reality training simulator designed for Sheriff's offices and deputies.

Apex Officer Fund

Apex Officer Fund provides support for law enforcement programs and scholarships to future officers.

Virtual Reality Combat Training Simulator

Our VR combat training simulator is the #1 ranked VR simulator for the military and armed forces.