Alabama Police Department Launches Virtual Reality Training

Alabama police officers are improving their training with Apex Officer's virtual reality simulator.

Virtual reality has quickly become the latest training tool for law enforcement agencies all over the country. The technology allows officers to practice scenarios that would be difficult or impossible in a traditional setting. In Alabama, numerous law enforcement agencies have recently turned to Apex Officer's virtual reality simulator to improve their training. The Alabama law enforcement agencies use the simulator to train for high-speed vehicle pursuits and traumatic incidents.

Police Departments in Alabama Utilize Apex Officer's VR Simulator for Training

Opelika Police Department's recent installation of Apex Officer's VR training system solidifies them as the first law enforcement agency in the state of Alabama to use virtual reality for training their police officers.

Opelika Police Officer Straps into the Apex Officer VR Training System Before a Training Scenario
Opelika Police Officer Straps into the Apex Officer VR Training System Before a Training Scenario

Opelika Police Department is First in Alabama to Implement Virtual Reality Training

Opelika, Alabama, police officers are now able to practice for real-life scenarios using virtual reality technology. The Opelika Police Department becomes the first law enforcement agency in the state of Alabama to use virtual reality training technology from Apex Officer, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology will allow officers to put on a special headset and interact with a virtual world that is a near-exact replica of a real-life environment.

Learn more about how Opelika Police Department utilizes the Apex Officer simulator in the Opelika PD x Apex Officer Case Study.

Opelika Police Department Implements VR Training Simulator by Apex Officer
Opelika Police Department Implements VR Training Simulator by Apex Officer

In a recent video published on Opelika Police Department's official page, OPD stated, "The Opelika Police Department is rolling out their new virtual reality training simulator, Apex Officer. We are the first department in the state to receive this immersive system which will allow our officers to receive individualized training in real-life interactive situations. Instructors can choose from countless scenarios, speak directly to the officer and be able to provide immediate feedback. Not only will this help with internal training, but it will also improve our hiring process by allowing OPD to see how potential hires will respond to unpredictable situations."

The technology is a step above the current projection-based simulators being used in the state and throughout the country because officers can actually learn how to react to their surroundings while being immersed in a virtual world. For example, if officers have to confront a suspect or a suspect's family member, they'll be able to experience a virtual reality scenario where they can talk to the suspect and get a read on the person's body language. Officials say the technology will be used to train officers on current situations and also to help them prepare for the future.

Opelika Citizens Academy Offers Citizens Opportunity to Experience VR Training Simulation

The Opelika Police Department is providing another way for citizens to learn about the different aspects of police work through a hands-on learning course. The Citizens Police Academy is a free program that will cover the following topics over eight weeks: patrol, traffic, investigations, SWAT and K-9.

“The Citizens Police Academy allows the community to step into the role of police officer in the City of Opelika,” Chief Shane Healey said in the release. “You gain insight into the duties of an officer and are able to have conversations that you may not have been able to have otherwise. The relationships that are built over the eight weeks can be immeasurable.”

During Week 7, citizens will have the chance to experience real-life situations using the virtual reality training simulator, Apex Officer, the release said. OPD officers have been using Apex Officer for less than a year.

If you are interested in learning more about how police departments and law enforcement agencies continue to increase their use of VR training simulators in 2023, we have covered this topic extensively. We are predicting that 2023 will be a big year for virtual reality and law enforcement training.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the Opelika Police Department's recent installation of the Apex Officer VR training system. We are excited to see how Apex Officer can be used to help police and other first responders across the country! Contact us today to request a demo. If your law enforcement agency is considering adopting Apex Officer or is in the market for a new training tool for use in your training program, please contact our procurement team or request a product demonstration today. One of our talented Apex Officer product representatives will contact you directly and discuss how Apex Officer can help your officers train more efficiently.

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