Connecticut Police Officers Utilize VR for Training

Apex Officer is helping Connecticut police officers train more effectively and efficiently.

Police training is a sensitive issue. Police officers and the community are at odds when it comes to police training. Too much training will make your officers more cautious, and too little will make them too comfortable. The Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator has the ability to simulate an officer's virtual workplace and allows new officers to practice critical skills such as communicating with victims, crowds and suspects, while remaining safe and secure. Apex Officer is a fully immersive experience, allowing you to feel like you are really in the middle of the action.

How Connecticut Police Officers Train with Apex Officer's VR Simulator

Connecticut police officers are now able to practice for real-life scenarios using virtual reality technology. The Simsbury Police Department becomes becomes the first law enforcement agency in the state of Connecticut to use virtual reality training technology from Apex Officer.

The Apex Officer VR training simulator will allow Simsbury PD officers to put on a special headset and interact with a virtual world that is a near-exact replica of a real-life environment.

Apex Officer is a police training simulator that makes officers more effective, faster and safer. Apex Officer's VR training simulator enables officers to learn what it means to be a police officer in the real world.

Apex Officer's VR Simulator is Better than Projector Based Simulators

The Apex Officer VR training technology is a step above the current projection-based simulators being used in the state and throughout the country because officers can actually learn how to react to their surroundings while being immersed in a virtual world. For example, if officers have to confront a suspect or a suspect's family member, they'll be able to experience a virtual reality scenario where they can talk to the suspect and get a read on the person's body language. Officials say the technology will be used to train officers on current situations and also to help them prepare for the future.

Additional benefits of the Apex Officer VR training system for Connecticut police officers:

  • VR training allows police officers to practice for the situations they encounter every day.
  • VR makes it easy for police officers to learn techniques and new tactics.
  • VR allows them to use their skills to make a real-life difference.

Learn more about the advantages of a VR training system from Apex Officer, by exploring our extensive list of law enforcement case studies.

New London Police Department Implements New Training Tool for Their Officers

As part of its efforts to provide the best possible training and development for its officers, NLPD recently began using the Apex Officer VR simulator for training purposes. Apex Officer's VR simulator has been well received by the officers at the New London Police Department, who have found it to be a valuable addition to their training. “For every simulation, there is a moral to the story every time. We are not just dong random things. We are always doing stuff that is relevant to what we experience in New London," said Sgt. Matthew Cassiere in a recent interview with NBC CT. New London PD officer's have enjoyed their time using the Apex Officer simulator and you can learn more about their experience in our New London Police Department Case Study.


The last five years have seen the virtual reality technology go from being a science fiction-ish sci-fi idea to a real-life option for many employers, law enforcement agencies and professional athletes. We hope you enjoyed learning more about how police officers in Connecticut can utilize the Apex Officer VR training system. We are excited to see how Apex Officer can be used to help police and other first responders across the country. To get started, the first step is scheduling your product demonstration by visiting our request a demo form.

If your law enforcement agency is considering adopting Apex Officer or is in the market for a new training tool for use in your training program, please contact our procurement team or request a product demonstration today. One of our talented Apex Officer product representatives will contact you directly and discuss how Apex Officer can help your officers train more efficiently.

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