Apex Officer is the Premier Training Tool for Law Enforcement Agencies

Apex Officer is the premier VR training tool for police departments and law enforcement agencies.

Imagine being in a high-pressure situation where every decision that you make could be the difference between life and death. Now imagine not being able to rely on your training to help you make the right decision in this moment. Apex Officer is a virtual reality training tool that helps law enforcement officers make the best decision when it matters most.

Apex Officer is the premier training tool for law enforcement agencies. It allows officers to train in a virtual reality environment, which helps them learn and remember the information more effectively. Apex Officer also helps officers practice policing techniques in a safe and realistic setting.

Apex Officer is the #1 VR training simulator for police and law enforcement training.

Apex Officer is the leading virtual reality training simulator used by police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States of America. Apex Officer provides the best VR hardware and technology to create the world’s most realistic and immersive VR force options, de-escalation, and crisis intervention training simulator for police officers and law enforcement professionals on the market.

Apex Officer helps law enforcement agencies save time on training.

Apex Officer's training simulator requires minimal space and resources to operate and it is portable and can be setup in minutes. The small footprint allows police departments to train within their police station without the needed of a dedicated room or complete buildout. With Apex Officer, police officers no longer have to waste valuable time and resources traveling to remote training facilities to complete their required training.

Apex Officer helps police departments save money on training.

Since Apex Officer's VR training simulator is focused on improving current processes and training methods, the results and cost savings can be measured and evaluated, and a police department can easily compare current training costs to a VR training session. Noteable cost savings can take the form of:

  • Risk reduction
  • Coordinating and logistics
  • Facility rentals and fees
  • Ammo and supplies
  • And much more.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Apex Officer and how it can provide value to your police department and law enforcement agency. With Apex Officer you’ll be able to train your officers on the latest tactics and technology that will keep them safe and ready to handle any situation.

To learn more about Apex Officer and how it can help your agency, please speak with one of our Apex Officer product experts today and schedule your free interactive product demonstration. If you would like to speak to someone on our procurement team, we have grant writers and procurement specialists available to help you today.

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