Georgia Sheriff's Office Has New VR Training Tool to Train Deputies

Apex Officer is providing Georgia Sheriff's Offices with new virtual reality training technology.

Law Enforcement Agency In Southeast Georgia Has New Virtual Reality Tool To Train Deputies

The Camden County Sheriff's Office in Southeast Georgia is the latest law enforcement agency to adopt virtual reality technology for training its deputies. The new system will allow deputies to experience realistic scenarios that can help them better prepare for real-world situations.

Camden County's new Apex Officer Training Simulator is a virtual reality system being used to train police in various scenarios, where they have to decide whether they’re faced with a situation to use deadly force.

Camden County's new Apex Officer Simulation Training System is a virtual reality system being used to train Sheriff's deputies on how to handle various scenarios, including de-escalation incidents and dealing with mentally ill suspects.

Apex Officer is a Great Tool for Training Sheriff's Deputies

“It can possibly lessen the opportunity for a fatal interaction, either for the law enforcement officer or the person they are engaging on the street,” explained Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor.

"This is a great tool for our deputies. It allows them to get some experience in high-pressure situations without having to put themselves in harm's way."

Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies Receive De-Escalation Training with Virtual Reality

In addition to this virtual use-of-force training, Camden County deputies along with St. Marys and Kingsland police are learning de-escalation techniques, as well as becoming more proficient with firearms without having to go to an actual gun range. Corporal B. Fishel, of the Kingsland Police Department, says this kind of training greatly prepares officers for actual encounters that require split-second timing. “It forces you to think quickly, and it’s very realistic,” Fishel said. “We have fractions of a second to respond out there, and we would much rather make that mistake here versus in the field.” The system includes a headset and controllers that allow users to interact with the virtual environment. The sheriff's office has already begun using the system and plans to expand its use in the future. The training is not just limited to law enforcement in Southeast Georgia. Law enforcement agencies in North Florida have an open invitation to try it out.

Learn more by checking out the Camden County Sheriff's Office Case Study.


In conclusion, the new virtual reality tool will help deputies in Southeast Georgia be better prepared for real-life situations. The tool is realistic and provides a variety of training scenarios that could potentially happen in the field. This will help deputies be more confident and better equipped to handle any situation they may encounter.

If your law enforcement agency is interest in learning more about Apex Officer's VR training simulator, you can request a free product demonstration by visiting our request a demo page. If you would like to speak to someone on the procurement side, an Apex Officer procurement expert will be happy to assist you with any additional questions that you may have.

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