Eugene Police Department

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type

The Challenge

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) is a progressive, professional law enforcement agency that serves the city of Eugene, Oregon. Eugene PD consists of approximately 200 officers and 121 professional staff on call 24/7. In a typical day, Eugene police officers are dispatched to about 256 calls per day. This activity creates nearly 26,000 criminal cases every year. Eugene Police Department serves a city of more than 169,695 residents (2018).

The Solution

With the national focus on use of force, de-escalation methods, and improving police training, the Eugene Police Department saw an opportunity to better prepare its officers with training equipment designed to improve decision making in high-pressure situations. After significant research on the various training simulator options, the Eugene Police Department chose to include the Apex Officer de-escalation training simulator as a major component of its training program. Eugene Police Department is leading the way in progressive police training policies in the state of Oregon.

The Results

The Apex Officer training system is capable of simulating an infinite number of different training scenarios that can convey body language and other non-verbal threat cues that are a crucial part of progressive de-escalation training. The Apex Officer content library is based on real-life incidents and is professionally produced with content that is carefully vetted by subject matter experts to rigorously test critical thinking skills, firearms skills under pressure, and psychological responses to the stresses of life-like situations.