Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X1

Agency Type

The Challenge

The events of 1 October and other mass casualty incidents around the world have been and should be a wake-up call for emergency responders everywhere. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department realized the pressing need for cross-jurisdictional training locally and is spearheading the formation of the Reality Based Training Center, a cooperative world-class training campus for Nevada’s first responders.

The Solution

The LVMPD Reality Based Training Center is a master-planned project designed to provide law enforcement and first responders with the nation’s most sophisticated highly technical reality-based tactical training. The LVMPD foundation tested and evaluated various law enforcement training simulators available, but none of the systems provided the simulated training experience they were looking for. After significant research on the various options, the LVMPD foundation chose to include the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator as a major component of its simulation technology.

The Results

There is an overwhelming amount of science-based evidence that the best reality-based training is the strongest method of overcoming stress and ensuring that the training sticks when our officers need it the most, for us and for them. This facility is the largest and most comprehensive project of this type in the nation.  It offers access to unprecedented training capabilities with a focus on de-escalation tactics, active shooter incidents, including those with mass casualties, as well as training for natural disasters.