Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X1

Agency Type
K-12 Criminal Justice Program

The Challenge

SEATech's Criminal Justice course allows students to navigate the criminal justice system and explore this growing employment field. With the national focus on the use of force and police training, the Criminal Justice Program saw an opportunity to implement actual law enforcement training and prepare future officers.

The Solution

After significant research on the various options, the SEATech Criminal Justice Program chose to include the Apex Officer X1 Pro Training judgmental use of force simulator as a major component of its program for criminal justice students. The Apex Officer training simulator assists to improve a law enforcement officer's decision making in high-pressure situations.

The Results

The Apex Officer training simulator utilizes VR technology and includes peripheral vision and training tools that closely match those used in the field to enhance the transferability of the training to real-life scenarios. Each training scenario in the Apex Officer content library is based on real-life incidents to test critical thinking skills, weapons skills under pressure, and psychological responses to the stresses of life-like situations.