Tulsa Police Department

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type

The Challenge

The Tulsa Police Department recognized the need to improve their officer training program. They wanted to provide their officers with a training platform that could simulate real-life scenarios, improve their decision-making abilities, and reduce the risk of injury during training. Traditional training methods, such as classroom lectures and live-fire drills, had limitations, and the department was looking for an innovative solution that could better prepare their officers for the challenges they might face while on duty.

The Solution

The Tulsa Police Department implemented the Apex Officer Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator to enhance their training program. This cutting-edge technology offers a highly realistic and interactive training experience that mimics real-life scenarios. The VR Simulator is equipped with advanced technology that can replicate various scenarios and environments, including active shooter situations, de-escalation techniques, and crisis response.

Tulsa police officer preparing for an Apex Officer VR training scenario.
Tulsa police officer preparing for an Apex Officer VR training scenario.

The Results

The implementation of the Apex Officer VR Simulator has had a positive impact on the Tulsa Police Department's officer training program. The VR Simulator has improved officer preparedness, decision-making abilities, and reduced the risk of injury during training. The Tulsa Police Department has seen an improvement in officer confidence and performance in high-stress scenarios.