Utah State University Police Academy

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type
Police Academy

The Challenge

Utah State University Eastern is fast becoming the elite training center for law enforcement in Eastern Utah. USU Eastern Police Officer Academy was recently tasked with solving a major dilemma for rural counties in Eastern Utah in desperate need for well trained police and law enforcement officers.

The Solution

With the national focus on de-escalation and use of force training for law enforcement officers, the USU Police Academy saw an opportunity to implement futuristic and innovative law enforcement training technology in the classroom that will aid the development of Utah's future police and law enforcement officers.

Future Police Officer in the State of Utah Utilizing VR Training Simulator
Future Police Officer in the State of Utah Utilizing VR Training Simulator

While there is no substitute for actual experience, USU Eastern Police Academy has the next best thing for cadets — a virtual reality training system. The school is the only department in the state with this technology from Apex Officer, says Scott Henrie, director of the academy and a professor of criminal justice.

The Results

"With many law enforcement academies not having access to high-end training for their recruits, it was an impactful decision to provide students in the Criminal Justice Program with the best training tool available," said Chase Dittmer "As the future of law enforcement in Utah, students will have a training platform that was designed in the field with law enforcement for law enforcement , that will help save lives and positively impact Utah communities."