Los Alamos Police Department

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type
New Mexico

The Challenge

With police departments around the country under scrutiny for their use of force, Los Alamos Police Department was looking for something different to stay out of the spotlight. Los Alamos is known for its technology and the city’s police department wants to follow suit and be the first in the state of New Mexico to do so.

The Solution

Los Alamos Police Department made the decision to include Apex Officer's virtual reality de-escalation training simulator into their training program. “We’re always trying to get better in law enforcement. We are constantly out there trying to improve and this technology is going to give us that ability to improve our services that we’re offering to the community that we’re out there interacting with,” said Sgt. Ross.

The Results

Although Los Alamos hasn’t had a murder since 2009, and officer-involved shootings are rare, they believe the Apex Officer program will pay off. Every member of Los Alamos Police Department’s 35 officers have gone through the training and will take refresher courses every few months. Learn more about how Los Alamos Police Department utilizes the Apex Officer VR training system.