Victoria Police Department

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type

The Challenge

The Victoria Police Department is a law enforcement agency in South Texas. VPD is the primary law enforcement agency providing services to the over 65,000 Texans that live and work in Victoria. Victoria Police Department's mission is to make the city of Victoria a safe place in which to live, work and play. VPD officers are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life of Victoria residents, by actively partnering with community members and being innovative in their policing strategies. In an effort to improve the training and development of its officers, the VPD was looking for a new training simulator.

The Solution

After extensive research and review of the various simulators available, Victoria Police Department implemented the use of Apex Officer's VR simulator as a key part of its training program. One of the main benefits of using Apex Officer's VR simulator for training is that it provides a safe and controlled environment for Victoria police officers to practice and make mistakes. By using VR, the VPD is able to give its officers the opportunity to experience these types of scenarios without risking harm to themselves or others.

The Results

The VR simulator has been well received by the officers at the VPD, who have found it to be a valuable addition to their training. Overall, the Victoria Police Department has found that using Apex Officer's VR simulator has been an effective way to improve the training and development of its officers. The Victoria Police Department plans to continue using the simulator as a key part of its training program in the future.