Texas Police Departments Utilize Virtual Reality Training Simulators

Law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas are beginning to utilize VR training simulators.

In an effort to improve the quality of policing, law enforcement agencies in Texas are beginning to utilize virtual reality training simulators. The simulators allow officers to practice various scenarios that may arise while on the job, and can also be used to teach new techniques. In addition, the simulators allow officers to work together in a safe environment, which can help to improve cooperation and communication.

Not too long ago, the only people that had the privilege of experiencing virtual reality training were those who were in the military. Now, these training platforms can be found in police departments across the country. Law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas are beginning to utilize virtual reality training simulators to prepare their officers for the job.

Missouri City Police Department utilizing their Apex Officer simulator to provide enhanced training to new officers.
Missouri City Police Department utilizing their Apex Officer simulator to provide enhanced training to new officers.

Thanks to a generous donation by the 100 Club, Missouri City Police Department is able to use their Apex Officer VR training simulator to provide additional training to their new hires. According to a recent post by the Missouri City Police Department, "our new hires are taking full advantage of this new system of training.  The Apex Officer is more than a typical law enforcement training simulator.  It provides turnkey virtual reality force options training simulators and VR technology training solutions."

Learn more about how Missouri City Police Department utilizes the Apex Officer simulator in our most recent case study.

VR Training Simulator for Texas Police Officers

Virtual reality has been making waves in the training world as a means to provide more realistic training simulations for police and first responders. Apex Officer's VR training simulators are a cheaper, more realistic way to train officers.

Victoria 100 Club Donates VR Simulator to Victoria Police Department

The Victoria 100 club made a generous donation to the Victoria Police Department allowing them to purchase the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator. In a recent interview with Crossroads Today, Victoria 100 club board member, Cally Fromme says it’s incredible to see officers use this tech training technology because they are learning how to quickly react to unique situations.

“Some of the board members went through the simulation ourselves and it’s incredible to go through the training,” she said. “Just seeing how quick officers must react to different scenarios. Those scenarios can change just second by second.”

VPD Officer David Brogger is very appreciative of the generous donation from the Victoria 100 Club and he is glad officers can stay up to date on realistic training scenarios with this technology.

Victoria Police Department anticipates this technology will also help surrounding law enforcement agencies. VPD Officer Brogger went on to say, “this is an extremely beneficial training tool which has already been used. Not only by our department, but we’ve also invited surrounding departments to come use it as well."

"The entire Apex Officer team is excited for the opportunity to work with the Victoria Police Department and we would like to say thank you to the Victoria 100 Club for making this possible," said Chase Dittmer, President of Apex Officer. "With the help of a generous donation from the Victoria 100 Club, we have the opportunity to be of service to the brave men and women of the Victoria Police Department and provide them with the latest and greatest training technology."

The Victoria Police Department is leading the way in progressive police training policies in the state of Texas.


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About the Victoria 100 Club

The Victoria 100 Club, comprised of leading citizens of this community, has since been involved in helping families through financial contributions and other benefactions. Other than direct family support, the Victoria 100 Club is committed to purchasing vital, lifesaving equipment to assist law enforcement and emergency personnel. Interested in supporting the Victoria 100 Club? Donations can be made on their website.

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