Wilkesboro Police Department

Case Study

System Installed

Apex Officer X2

Agency Type
North Carolina

The Challenge

The Wilkesboro Police Department is a law enforcement agency located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The men and women of the Wilkesboro Police Department is to strive for the impartial enforcement of state and local laws to foster the peaceful environment of our citizens. The Wilkesboro Police Department consists of 22 full-time officers, 3 reserve officers, and 2 full-time telecommunicators / administrative assistants and 3 reserve telecommunicators.  There are 2 Divisions within the department, namely the Patrol Division and the Support Services Division.  WPD officers main goal is to maintain contemporary and progressive levels of training and equipment to better serve our citizens.

The Solution

After extensive review and research on training simulators, Wilkesboro Police Department chose the Apex Officer VR training simulator as a key component of their training program. The use of a de-escalation training simulator has been shown to be effective in helping police officers learn how to deal with situations that may lead to an altercation. The Apex Officer virtual reality de-escalation training simulator allows officers to practice different scenarios, including those involving mental illness or domestic violence.

The Results

The Apex Officer VR training simulator has been well received by the officers at the Wilkesboro Police Department who have found it to be a valuable addition to their training. Wilkesboro Officers say the scenarios are much more realistic than they expected, and experienced officers like Rocky Moore say that realism makes a huge difference. Officer Moore says he was most surprised at the Apex Officer simulator's attention to detail. "I mean, this man I'm looking at is blinking back at me," he says. "He's talking to me. He's breathing. It adds a level that you can't get talking to a cinderblock wall."