North Carolina Police Departments Now Using VR Simulators for Training

North Carolina police departments are turning to new training technology to help prepare officers.

Virtual reality is no longer just a future concept. It's a reality that is being used by the different police departments across the US. It's a tool that is being used to train the officers in the field of law enforcement. This resource will go into detail about how North Carolina police departments are now using virtual reality simulators for training.

Wilkesboro Police Department Purchases Apex Officer's Pro Training Simulator

The Wilkesboro Police Department recently received a grant from the Department of Justice's "Community Policing Development Program." Wilkesboro Police say they plan to use the grant to better train officers in de-escalation techniques, and are purchasing a virtual reality program specifically meant to train law enforcement. They're purchasing the program, as well as virtual reality equipment, from Apex Officer.

Wilkesboro Police Department's Ford Police Cars
Source: Wilkesboro Police Department

Chief Tommy Rhodes, of the Wilkesboro Police Department, says he wants his officers' use of force to be a last resort. "We're going to be able to utilize it mostly to not necessarily go straight to any kind of use of force," he said. "I always try to tell our officers that the best weapon we have on us is our mouth. We try to talk ourselves out of situations or de-escalate situations before they do get out of hand." Rhodes said the training program will become an important part of every officer's training, and he even plans to use it in the hiring process for potential officers. "We can possibly put them through these scenarios using this equipment, and using this training, " he said. "We'll be able to go through scenarios and see just how their reaction is going to be, being faced with different scenarios that our officers are faced with every day." Rhodes said grants like the ones provided by the community policing development program are important for getting his officers the best training possible.

How do North Carolina police officers use virtual reality?

It's supposed to be the future of training. So, how does virtual reality or VR for short work? And, how does it differ from other training methods? The truth of the matter is that it doesn't differ all that much. The big difference is that it immerses the trainee in the experience, which makes it much more likely that they will remember the lessons they learn. It's like putting the lessons on steroids.

How will VR simulators help North Carolina police officers with training?

Apex Officer allows North Carolina police officers the ability to train and prepare for the real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled training environment. Apex Officer is a solution that prepares police officers to react, train and become better prepared to handle high risk situations.

What is the Apex Officer pro training simulator?

The Apex Officer pro training simulator is an in-depth training tool that allows officers to practice and prepare for the real world scenarios they may face on the street. Apex Officer can save lives, money and time by preparing officers for real-world scenarios. Apex Officer is designed to improve officer safety and to prepare law enforcement officers for the real world. Apex Officer allows a first responder to experience the life-threatening decisions and split second timing of law enforcement officers.


As you can see, North Carolina police departments are now turning to new training methods and technology to help prepare their officers for the job. If you’re interested in learning more about how police training has evolved and how it will continue to evolve, we encourage you to sign up for an interactive product demonstration or speak to a member of the Apex Officer Procurement team.

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