Police Training Analytics, Stats and Reports

Apex Officer's simulators provide police departments insight and analytics for their officers.

Law enforcement agencies and police departments across the country are using Apex Officer Analytics to improve officer training and outcomes. Apex Officer Analytics provides police and law enforcement agencies with unprecedented insight into their officer's training requirements, results, and progress. This data can help agencies make better decisions about officer training and development, as well as identify areas that need improvement.

Police Training Analytics, Stats, and Reports

Apex Officer Analytics offer police and law enforcement agencies unprecedented insight into their officer's training results, requirements, and progress.

Police Training Data Analytics and Intelligence

Apex Officer's virtual reality training platform and analytics suite offers training managers and law enforcement agencies unprecedented insight into their police officer's training results, requirements, and progress.

Every Apex Officer virtual reality police training simulator includes hardware and software that integrates directly into the technology at no additional cost; thus, allowing police departments and law enforcement agencies to take a strategic and analytical approach at the effectiveness of their training and department as a whole.


Real-time monitoring, recording, and playback during debriefing sessions of trainees.


Data visualization that provides an unprecedented insight into an individual police officer's training progression.


Automated training report prepared and delivered to the the training manager's inbox every week.

Apex Officer Analytics

Apex Officer Analytics will make your department operate more efficiently by providing the information needed for better planning and implementation of your officer's training. Implementing Apex Officer Analytics will allow you to improve your current systems, generate training reports, compliance reports, and much more.

Even the most experienced administrators can't be in multiple places at one time. With Apex Officer Analytics a Police Chief or Sheriff can log in and see exactly how their department is functioning and how each officer is performing. Apex Officer Analytics allows you to see how your officers are performing on the job, how much time they are spending on the job, and what they are spending their time on.


Interested in learning more about Apex Officer's VR training platform or the Apex Officer analytics platform? The best place to start is by scheduling a product demonstration. If you'd like to begin the procurement process, you can speak to a dedicated product expert today.

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