Virtual Reality Combat Training Simulator

Our VR combat training simulator is the #1 ranked VR simulator for the military and armed forces.

Apex Officer's military virtual reality combat training simulator is the best in the country.

Combat training plays an important role in training new recruits for military service. Soldiers need to learn about working as part of a team, forming a tight-knit unit where each member relies upon the other. The ability to obey orders without question and respond instantly to a situation is a key part of combat training and is carried out from the start. Virtual reality can be used as part of that training. With virtual reality soldiers learn to respond to a variety of situations, keeping a cool head and following instructions without question. It is important that they do so or else the unit breaks down and lives are lost unnecessarily.

Apex Soldier - VR Combat Training Simulator

Apex Officer specializes in building turnkey virtual reality training simulators for the military and law enforcement agencies. Our top-of-the-line, 360-degree fully-immersive virtual reality training simulator, Apex Soldier, enables soldiers to train for the most real-world situations, including ambushes, terrorist attacks and more; meanwhile, maintaining full situational awareness during extreme stress.

What does Apex Soldier include?

  • Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display (HMD)
  • Apex Arsenal - VR Training Weapon (VTW)
  • High Performance VR-Ready Workstation (HPW)
  • Windows 10 x64-Bit
  • Haptic Feedback Suit (HFS)
  • Dynamic Scenario Generator (DSG)
  • After Action Debriefing (AAD)
  • Advanced Soldier Analytics (ASA)
  • Wireless Tracking Technology
  • APEX Vitals
  • Dual Monitor with Backlit Keyboard and Optical Mouse
  • And Much More

Apex Arsenal - VR Training Weapons (VTW)

Apex Soldier features a wide range of VR Training Weapons (VTW) designed specifically for virtual reality military training. These virtual weapons are similar in size, shape, and appearance to their real-life counterparts, but do not cause harm to their owners. They are used during virtual reality combat training and simulations which are designed to instruct new soldiers (or other personnel) in the skills and techniques needed for front-line action.

Apex Soldier Combat Training Modules

One of the most important aspects of any training simulation is the quality of the content. Our software developers create intense, realistic scenarios, which are displayed using the best virtual reality technology. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure our training content is superior in quality, realism, immersion, and relevance. We work closely with our military clients to ensure our training content is superior in quality, realism, immersion, and relevance. We also employ subject matter experts to guide the development of our law enforcement systems and scenarios.

Apex Soldier Combat Training Library

Apex Solider features a training library with scenarios designed specifically for combat training taken from real-life incidents:

  • Vehicle Checkpoints
  • Ambushes
  • CQB
  • Patrolling
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Threat Recognition
  • Key Leader Engagements
  • “Green on Blue”incidents
  • Basic Skill Building
  • Marksmanship
  • Indirect Fire Scenario
  • De-Escalation
  • Hostage Incidents
  • Tactical Recovery of Personnel
  • And More


Apex Soldier is a great VR training simulator for the military and government agencies looking for a combat training simulator for their Defense Forces. If you're looking for more information on the Apex Soldier product line and other products available from Apex Officer, please request a demo. Additional content for the Military and Army can be found on our website.

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