Apex Officer Fund

Apex Officer Fund provides support for law enforcement programs and scholarships to future officers.

Apex Officer Scholarship Fund Description

The Apex Officer Scholarship Fund was established to provide support for students who are looking to become first responders, or are children of first responders. We created this fund to give back and support individuals pursuing a degree in public safety and law enforcement.

Apex Officer Fund Eligibility

We created this fund to provide support for law enforcement agencies and programs, police officers and their families in need of support or assistance, and individuals pursuing a degree in public safety and law enforcement. If you meet one of the requirements, you can begin the application process by completing this form and mention Apex Officer Fund in your submission.

If you're a high school student approaching graduation or the parent of a high school senior, please visit the Apex Officer Scholarship Fund page for more information and begin the scholarship application process.

Support the Apex Officer Fund

If you support the brave men and women that are keeping our communities safe and are able to help, you can make a tax deductible contribution to support current and future law enforcement officers by clicking “Contribute to the Fund.” Another way to support the Apex Officer Fund is by sharing this page. Every share helps.

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