Apex Officer Training Center

Apex Officer launches #1 VR training facility for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Apex Officer Training Center

Starting in January of 2020, Apex Officer will host training courses, events, and simulations at our new Apex Officer Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Students, law enforcement professionals, guests, and visitors can experience Apex Officer's virtual reality training platform and participate in active shooter, use of force, de-escalation, and many more training scenarios. Additionally, the Apex Officer team regularly hosts law enforcement instructors for advanced Train the Trainer sessions.


Private Tours

Apex Officer will also be providing private tours of their company headquarters and training facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada all year. Tours and private meetings can be scheduled in advance. Please contact info @ apexofficer.com to make an appointment.

Schedule of police and law enforcement classes and training located at the Apex Officer Training Center in Las Vegas

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