New Technology Adopted by Police Training Centers

Central Illinois police are now using virtual reality training to hone their skills in de-escalation

De-escalation is something that every police officer should have as a skill. Knowing how to calm down a situation is vital to keeping everyone around you safe. That's why many police departments are now using virtual reality training to try and hone their skills in this area. By using these tools, the officers can better practice their skills and then improve them so that they are ready when they need it.

Police Training Center Adopts New Technology for Training

Central Illinois police agencies are now using virtual reality training to hone their skills in de-escalation.

The Central Illinois Police Training Center at Illinois Central College (ICC) introduced officers from multiple agencies to the Apex Officer Virtual Reality System. Director of Central Illinois Police Training Center Brian Fengel said the goal of the equipment it to prepare new officers how to respond in difficult situations.

“The use of force, de-escalation, crisis intervention, mental health awareness; there’s numerous ones that we’re constantly training on each year, or every three years. We’re trying to give them the tools to be able to do that,” Fengel said.

Fengel said the gear is portable, and departments with smaller budgets can benefit from the training center’s recent purchase.

“Some agencies have not big budgets and they can’t afford to do all the training that bigger agencies do. We’re trying to accommodate all the agencies, and this will help smaller agencies check this out and use it within their department,” Fengel said.

The training center serves eight counties and 93 different law enforcement agencies.

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Apex Officer is More Than a "Shoot or Don't Shoot" Simulator

The Apex Officer VR System is a powerful, immersive tool used in training law enforcement officers on how to properly approach and handle critical situations. It's not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to hesitate when it comes to adopting new training tools. The Apex Officer simulator offers a safe, controlled, and realistic training environment. The technology is used to improve officer and public safety, save training dollars, while increasing efficiency. The training system is unique in that it is not just a shooting range. It uses a lifelike interface that creates unlimited training environments, including different scenarios that officers may encounter.


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