Oshkosh Police Department Upgrades to Virtual Reality Training for Officers

Oshkosh PD has acquired a new Apex Officer immersive virtual reality training simulator.

The Oshkosh Police Department is upgrading its training methods to include virtual reality (VR) in order to better prepare officers for encounters with the public. The VR training system, which was provided by Apex Officer, will allow Oshkosh police officers to train in a realistic environment that simulates real-world scenarios. The new VR training system will also help officers develop problem solving skills and improve communication skills.

Learn more about why police departments across the country are retiring their old projection based simulators and are upgrading to Apex Officer.

The Oshkosh Police Department has acquired a new immersive virtual reality training simulator.

In this new virtual reality simulator, Apex Officer, the officer is placed in interactive real-life scenarios. Instructors can choose which type of call for the service the officer is responding to, the environment, and the dialogue. Scenarios can range from traffic stops to disturbances to life-threatening encounters.

This interactive system allows officers to work on a variety of skills including:

Officers will receive immediate feedback during the scenario and after during debrief. This type of training provides additional opportunities for officers to learn in a controlled environment.

Oshkosh Police Officer Demonstrating Their New VR Training System
Oshkosh Police Officer Demonstrating Their New VR Training System

Wisconsin Police Officers Begin VR Training

The Oshkosh Police Department (located in Wisconsin) continually looks for ways to be proactive with our training. We want to provide our citizens with the best service possible and we are very excited about the training opportunities this new system provides. This simulator was purchased with funds that were generously donated by the JEK Foundation as the primary donor with additional support from the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. We appreciate their continued support of our department.

Chief Dean Smith stated: "This is one more way for our Department to bring modern and up-to-date training to our officers using the latest technology available."

Sergeant of Professional Development, Todd Wrage stated: "The versatility of the Apex Officer simulator allows us to create in a safe virtual reality environment situations officers face in real life. Through the use of the simulator, we are able to provide more frequent but shorter duration training which results in better retention of the training content and more highly trained and competent officers."

This article was created as a result of the April 26th, 2022 media release by the Oshkosh Police Department.


Law enforcement agencies throughout the Midwest are upgrading to Apex Officer's VR training simulator. Police officers and law enforcement agencies in the state of Wisconsin can experience the Apex Officer system for themselves today. To learn more about Apex Officer and request a product demonstration, interested law enforcement agencies can visit our Request a Demo page and get started today, for free. If you would like to speak to someone on our procurement team, an Apex Officer procurement expert can assist you with your request today.


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