SWAT Training Simulator

Apex Officer's virtual reality SWAT training simulator.

SWAT Training Simulator

Apex Officer's SWAT virtual reality tactical training simulator is the best in the country.

Why is TACTICAL Training Important for police officers?

Far too often the public’s perception of the use of force by police is different from those who are in law enforcement. Over the last decade, use of force training has evolved dramatically as more sophisticated technology became available, and high-profile cases such as the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri brought increased media and public scrutiny to how departments train their officers. The ubiquity of mobile phone cameras has also played a role, making it almost a foregone conclusion that any confrontation that an officer has in public will be recorded or placed on social media.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 40 million persons had contact with police during the most recent year for which data was gathered (2008). An estimated 776,000 (1.9 percent) of the 40 million contacted respondents reported the use or threatened use of force at least once during these contacts.

Police officers are constantly encountering individuals who want to resist, fight or obstruct a police officer's ability to safely complete his job. Apex Officer provides law enforcement agencies with training in arrest control techniques which provides for less injury to the suspects and officers, when encountering situations requiring the use of "hands-on" applications.

Why are SWAT Tactical Training simulators the best option for police training?

According to a recent study on "The Effectiveness of Use of Force Simulation Training," conducted by Carleton University, "simulator training often appears to be more effective than alternative approaches." Tactical police training simulators offer several advantages over other pedagogical options. For example, simulator training allows for many more practice trials than would occur ordinarily and the training can be individually tailored to meet instructional purposes. Instructors can pinpoint an individual officer's strengths and weaknesses and design their training plan around this. Furthermore, with simulator based training, the trainee is afforded the opportunity to commit errors that in the real world would result in fatal consequences.

Why is Apex Officer's SWAT Tactical Training simulator better than other training simulators?

Unlike earlier tactical instructional methods and simulators, such as range shooting, Apex Officer's virtual reality Special Weapons and Tactical training simulator is designed to provide more realistic training and covers a broader range of tactical training simulations. Our approach accepts that mastering specific skills is a crucial component of any training regime, but the ability to apply those skills appropriately under stressful (i.e., sub-optimal) conditions is where Apex Officer training simulator stand out from the crowd.

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