Tennessee Police Officers Improve Their Training with VR Simulator

Police officers and law enforcement agencies in Tennessee can now train in virtual reality.

While virtual reality has made plenty of headlines over the past few years, it has yet to make a significant dent in law enforcement agencies across the US. That doesn't change the fact that law enforcement agencies in Tennessee have started adopt virtual reality simulator technology to train their officers.

Law enforcement agencies in Tennessee can now use Apex Officer's VR training platform for their training exercises. The platform helps them train in a safe environment without the risk of people getting hurt. This platform "may be one of the most realistic force-on-force training platforms in the country, and has been postured to the law enforcement community in the state to replace the often-dangerous live-fire scenarios currently employed by Tennessee law enforcement agencies.

Apex Officer Helps Tennessee Law Enforcement Agencies Improve Their Training

Law enforcement agencies in Tennessee are turning to a new training technology to improve their officers’ skills. The Apex Officer VR Training Platform helps agencies build realistic virtual training environments for multiple scenarios. These training environments can be used in drill-and-practice, scenario-based training, and to safely assess officer response. When they were looking to upgrade their training methods, they decided to turn to the latest in simulation technology. Apex Officer is a realistic, customizable training solution that uses state-of-the-art technology to help law enforcement train their officers in more than one hundred critical skills.

Law enforcement agencies in Tennessee can now improve their skills through the use of Apex Officer, an online training system that provides a safe, online environment for officers to practice real-time scenarios. The system offers training on a wide array of topics and situations, including: tactical shooting, force-on-force training, training for active shooter situations and anti-terrorism training. The courses can be accessed from any computer and can be practiced as many times as needed. The training allows officers to practice with their own firearms and with a variety of lethal and nonlethal weapons. The software also provides a system for capturing and recording each training session, which can be used for reporting and evaluation


Apex Officer has delivered virtual reality training and VR training simulators to police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country, and many of our clients have been very happy with their results. In fact, police departments in all 50 states in the country use Apex Officer for training. We are always excited to share our training platform with any organization that is interested in improving their training capabilities and decreasing their training costs. If you are interested in learning more about how Apex Officer can help your agency train your officers more effectively, please request an immersive product demonstration today by visiting our request a demo page and an Apex Officer product expert will confirm your demonstration ASAP.

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