Utah Police Academy Adopts Apex Officer Simulator

VR training simulators provided by Apex Officer are being used by Utah police academies.

Virtual reality de-escalation training simulators provided by Apex Officer are being used by police academies in the state of Utah to provide the future police officers with the experience and knowledge needed to perform under high stress situations.

Utah State University Police Academy utilizes Apex Officer's VR simulator to train new students and future officers.

Apex Officer's virtual reality de-escalation simulator allows law enforcement training to occur in a simulator real-world environment.

In the aftermath of several recent officer shootings, Utah State University Police Academy utilizes the advanced software by Apex Officer's virtual reality training system to train new students and future officers of how to interact with extremely volatile situations.

The USU police academy is currently working with Apex Officer's virtual reality de-escalation simulator as part of their officer safety curriculum for its students and future officers.

How USU Police Academy uses Apex Officer for training.

Apex Officer's VR training simulator allows students to learn by doing.

In the past many law enforcement agencies have used virtual reality (VR) technology to train their employees, but it's been limited to simulating a physical environment in a video game. Now, Utah State University Police Academy has taken advantage of Apex Officer's de-escalation simulator and given it to new students.

This is a good example of how virtual reality can be used more broadly in law enforcement.

How this method of training can help create better police departments across the country.

Apex Officer’s virtual reality training system offers a unique opportunity for law enforcement agencies to train officers in the most advanced and immersive police training devices available. Apex Officer’s Virtual Reality Training Platform allows officers to interact with real-world scenarios, as well as simulate a variety of situations that they may encounter on the job.

Apex Officer VR training platform can be used in a variety of settings including:

  • Highway Patrol
  • School Resource Officers
  • Police Departments
  • Corrections


The virtual reality training simulator that Apex Officer provides is now available to the public via the Utah State University Police Academy, which is a fully immersive and interactive training experience. This immersive training experience is designed specifically for law enforcement agencies in Utah that have recently purchased or are considering purchasing virtual reality (VR) headsets to train their officers.

If you're interested in learning more about Apex Officer's VR training platform, we encourage you to speak to one of our representatives and schedule your free product demonstration.

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