Police Officer of the Week Award

A weekly award that is given to LEO that demonstrates the qualities and values of an Apex Officer.

Police Officer of the Week Award

The Apex Officer of the Week Award recognizes police officers who go above the call of duty. It is firmly believed this award serves to promote public trust and support of our law enforcement agencies. Police Officers that receive the Apex Officer of the Week Award are fully aligned with our core beliefs and standards.

Breakdown of an Apex Officer's core values

The core values of an Apex Officer are intended to guide and inspire us in all we say and do. Ensuring our values become part of our day-to-day work life is our mandate, and they help to ensure that our personal and professional behavior can be a model for all to follow.

  • Service to our communities
  • Commitment to leadership
  • Respect for people
  • Reverence for the law
  • Quality through continuous improvement
  • Personal responsibility

Apex Officer of the Week Award

In addition to the annual Apex Officer of the Year awards, Apex Officer is proud to announce the Apex Officer of the Week award. Here at Apex Officer we recognize the continuous and outstanding work performed by our law enforcement officers and we want to reward them for that.

This prestigious award was created to recognize officers that have worked endlessly to keep our communities safe and have exceeded duty requirements. The purpose of the Apex Officer of the Week award aims to pay tribute to deserving officers for their dedication and service and educate the public about our nation's heroes.

Simply fill out the officer nomination application below or send us an email at nominations @ apexofficer.com with your nominee and an explanation of why that officer deserves the award. Each week we will award the deserving officer.

Police Officer of the Week Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for consideration, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominees must be U.S. citizens and living, active, full-time and paid, sworn law enforcement officers entrusted with full authority and the powers of arrest.
  • Nominees must be assigned to or fully recognized by municipal, county, district or state police; highway patrol; sheriff's office or as a sworn federal law enforcement officer (FBI, Secret Service agent, U.S. Marshal, National Park Police, U.S. Capitol Police, etc.) Military police officers or investigators are eligible if they are state law enforcement certified.
  • Federal agents serving in overseas departments may be nominated by the overseas department.
  • Reside and be assigned or attached for duty in the department from which they are selected.
  • Consideration for a posthumous award will be acceptable only if the nominee's death has occurred after the department's selection and within the dates for which the award is being presented.
  • Departments may submit only one nominee per week.
  • Military police officers or investigators are eligible for participation in this award, provided they are state law enforcement certified.

Do you still have more questions? Check our FAQ section below or send us an email at nominations @ apexofficer.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Apex officer of the week award?

Our goal is to select a well‐rounded law enforcement officer who has exceeded, above and beyond, the duty requirements expected of his/her position and has demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service coupled with professional achievement. A major secondary purpose of this award is to encourage the further development of department and post Law and Order Committees in all departments in recognition of law enforcement officers by posts, and departments.

Who can be nominated?

Any law enforcement officer that fulfills the requirements stated above is eligible for the Apex Officer Award.

Things to include in application?

  • Service narrative and supporting documentation.
  • Specific acts of community service, heroism and meritorious performance recognized by his/her law enforcement agency should be included and documented.
  • Letters of Recognition, news clippings, and other substantiating documentation.
  • Include a copy of your nominee's state or federal certification as a law enforcement officer as well as copies of pertinent training and education certificates as appropriate.

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