Self Defense Training Simulator

Apex Officer offers the best virtual reality hardware and technology to create the world’s most realistic and immersive force options, de-escalation, and self defense training simulator for civilians and home defense use. Apex Officer has spent years building the best VR training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies and now we're bringing this world class training simulator to civilians and private security customers.

Self Defense Training Statistics

Over the years, Apex Officer customers have reported the following self defense performance improvements:

  • 178% Increase in Training Effectiveness
  • 222% Increase in Hours Spent Voluntarily Training

Apex Officer is the premier virtual reality training platform and simulator for Civilian Usage

Self Defense Training Content

The Apex Officer team works closely with our training partners to ensure our training content is superior in quality, realism, immersion, and relevance. With feedback from our partners, our software developers are able to create intense, realistic scenarios, which are displayed using the best virtual reality technology.

Self Defense Training Scenarios

Civilians and and personal defense experts are using Apex Officer’s virtual reality training simulator to prepare and train their families and students for the following:

Apex Officer is the top VR training simulator for Home Defense and Civilian Training

Frequently Asked Questions 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF Training for Self Defense?

Virtual reality is ready to be a leap forward innovation for reserve police officer training because of its vivid nature and the opportunity it offers to rehearse in practical settings without stressing over results. Advantages associated with virtual reality training

  • Safe and controlled training area
  • Simplifies complex problems
  • Innovative and enjoyable experience
  • Little to no risk for an organization
  • Improves user retention
  • Suitable for many different learning styles
  • Realistic and scalable scenarios

What is self defense training?

Self-defense is the training and techniques necessary to defend yourself when targeted by crime or violence. There will always be thieves who want to take what isn't theirs, and predators who want to hurt or humiliate others. When you train in self-defense, you gain the tools to protect your family and stay safe from danger.

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