Crisp County Sheriff's Office Leaps into the Future With VR Training Simulator

Sheriff's deputies in Crisp County can now train for use of force and de-escalation in VR.

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office recently made headlines with their decision to use virtual reality training to help their deputies prepare for the worst. Now, they are getting a new training simulator from Apex Officer that will help them get better at handling a wide range of situations. This resource will give you an idea of how such a system will help them improve.

As we've seen throughout Georgia and the United States as a whole, VR is the future of training for Sheriff's Departments. Sheriff's Offices are looking to Apex Officer to improve the quality of training by using virtual reality.

Crisp County Sheriff's Office receives grant for police training simulator.

As reported by Fox 31 news, in their story titled, "Training grant from Gov. Kemp to pay for new simulation technology in Crisp County," The Georgia Governor's Office has announced millions of dollars in Law Enforcement Training Grants to be distributed across the state. The total for all grants being distributed statewide is $5.6 million.

Crisp County is using its funds for an Apex Officer Training Simulator, which offers interactive, hands-on training that uses immersive virtual reality technology.

Crisp County sheriff's office wants the simulator to give deputies knowledge and skills but also the confidence to safely get through real-world situations.

Sheriff Billy Hancock recently stated that "we are grateful to be selected for this grant as this funding will help provide training resources at no cost to our taxpayers."

46 Counties in the State of Georgia receive grant for law enforcement training.

Last week Georgia Governor Kemp announced over $5.6 million in law enforcement training grants. Crisp County Sheriff's office was one of those 46 agencies. The funds from this grant will be used to purchase the Apex Officer VR training simulator.

The Apex Officer System provides interactive testing and assessment and immersive, hands-on scenario-based exercises with detailed debriefing and after-action reviews. The system is designed to increase knowledge, skills, and confidence in a safe, challenging, interactive, and engaging environment.

Apex Officer is the #1 VR Training Simulator for Georgia Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies
Apex Officer is the #1 VR Training Simulator for Georgia Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies

Apex Officer saves law enforcement agencies time and money on training.

Apex Officer is helping law enforcement agencies across the country deploy VR training simulators that can save lives and money. Crisp County Sheriff's Office is another notable law enforcement agency to implement the immersive training simulator developed by Apex Officer. Crisp County Sheriff’s Office purchase of the Apex Officer Training Simulator through grant funding will allow officers sworn/detention within Crisp County and many surrounding agencies to be trained with immersive, hands-on scenario-based exercises.

Learn more about Crisp County Sheriff's Office decision to move their training into the future and adopt Apex Officer's VR training simulator by reading the Crisp County Sheriff's Office Case Study.

Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies Lead the Charge in Immersive VR Training

As we released early last year, "Apex Officer is expanding its footprint in the state of Georgia." As a result of this expansion effort, Apex Officer quickly became the top VR simulator in use by Georgia police departments and law enforcement agencies. Municipal police departments, sheriff's offices and Georgia law enforcement agencies experienced firsthand improvements in their officer's de-escalation tactics and ability to perform in high-pressure situations.

Cordele Police Department also recently announced that they're kicking off 2022 with new virtual reality training technology. As reported by Chris Lewis from the Cordele Dispatch, "Virtual Reality simulator trains officers in de-escalation." The Cordele Police Department joins the growing number of police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country adopting VR training simulators developed by Apex Officer.


2022 is a big year for Apex Officer and law enforcement training.  If you are interested in this simulator for your police department or law enforcement organization, please setup your immersive product demonstration or speak to one of our procurement representatives today. We would be happy to set up a demonstration for you and answer any questions you may have.

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