Virtual Reality Simulator Provides De-Escalation Training for Cordele Police Officers

Cordele Police Department begins training with new virtual reality technology.

Cordele Police Department is kicking off 2022 with new technology.

As reported by Chris Lewis from the Cordele Dispatch, "Virtual Reality simulator trains officers in de-escalation." The Cordele Police Department joins the growing number of police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country adopting VR training simulators developed by Apex Officer.

VR Training Provides Endless Training Opportunities for Police Officers

As reported by Fox 31, in their coverage of Cordele Police Department's new VR training simulator, "The simulator is scenario-based interactions that can occur with an officer. It provides an in-depth analytical view of the officer’s response that the officer and the training officer can review. Training officers and instructors can adjust each scenario to be different from the last so that no two are the same.

With many different locations and possible avatars available, the scenario possibilities are limitless. The scenarios can be domestic violence calls, upset store customers, and active shooters. The simulator can also switch to an indoor range with static and moving targets."

De-escalation training teaches officers to slow down, create space and use communication techniques to defuse a potentially dangerous situation,” Chief Mike Hathaway said. “This can be programed to produce almost any situation,” Hathaway said. “The officer is transported to any type of place there could be a call.”

In the picture above, the Cordele Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Taylor tried on a virtual reality headset that the department will use to train officers how to de-escalate situations using verbal commands rather than a firearm.

Georgia Police and Law Enforcement agencies are leading the charge in new training methods.

For example, Crisp County Sheriff's Office recently announced their procurement of the Apex Officer VR training simulator. According to a release published by Crisp County SO, "The sheriff's office wants the simulator to give deputies knowledge and skills but also the confidence to safely get through real-world situations."

Learn more about how police departments in Georgia, like Cordele Police Department, utilize the Apex Officer training simulator in the case study produced for Cordele Police Department.


In a little over a year, Apex Officer has quickly become the top VR training simulator in the state of Georgia. Georgia police officers and law enforcement agencies can experience the Apex Officer system for themselves today. To learn more about Apex Officer and request a product demonstration, interested agencies can visit our Request a Demo page and get started today, for free. If you would like to speak to someone on our procurement team, an Apex Officer procurement expert can assist you with your request today.


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