How New Jersey Police Officers Use VR Training Simulators

An overview of the various ways New Jersey police officers use Apex Officer's VR simulator.

Apex Officer is the leading provider of virtual reality training technology for law enforcement training simulations. Their VR training platform is helping police officers in the state of New Jersey to train and prepare for their duties anywhere. The portable VR training simulator from Apex Officer allows New Jersey police departments to train their officers quickly and effectively, without the need for a physical training location. This simulator gives officers the opportunity to experience different law enforcement scenarios in a realistic and safe environment, allowing them to be better prepared for any situation they may encounter on the job.

New Jersey Police Officers Prefer Training with Virtual Reality Simulators

In an effort to take major steps toward the future, police departments in New Jersey are turning to virtual reality training simulators to help officers prepare for real-world situations. The VR training simulators provided by Apex Officer offer a realistic environment in which officers can train for and practice the following skills:

New Jersey Sheriff's Offices Utilize VR Training Simulators

The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Situational Training and Response Simulator, also known as the STARS Facility, located in Freehold, is a premier training facility used by our public safety partners in Monmouth County and throughout the State of New Jersey. The facility provides de-escalation training for Basic Police Recruits to Veteran Police Officers.

VR Training Simulator for New Jersey Law Enforcement Officers

“The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office are once again providing the highest quality training and resources to our local law enforcement officers through the state-of-the-art Apex Officer training program,” said Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. “The Apex Officer® training program is an innovative way to prepare our officers for scenarios they may encounter in the field. I commend Sheriff Shaun Golden and Acting Prosecutor Lori Linskey for spearheading this program.”

Why New Jersey Police Departments are Choosing Apex Officer

With years of virtual reality experience, the Apex Officer team is committed to providing the most effective training possible. Virtual reality (VR) training has been shown to be a better option for training than traditional training methods. It provides realistic, high-quality simulations of the situations officers encounter in the field.


Apex Officer is a leader in virtual reality training for law enforcement. Apex Officer is proud to have been selected to provide our innovative technology to the state of New Jersey and the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office. We take pride in our commitment to professionalism, safety, and accuracy.

To learn more about Apex Officer’s virtual reality training platform for law enforcement, please schedule your free product demonstration today and prepare for the training changes on the horizon in 2022.

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