Minnesota Police Officers Use VR Technology for Deescalation Training

The Apex Officer simulator is giving officers the opportunity to refine their de-escalation skills.

Virtual reality de-escalation training simulators are being used to provide the future police officers in the state of Minnesota with the experience and knowledge needed to perform under high stress situations.

With the national focus on de-escalation and use of force training for law enforcement officers, the Rochester Police Department saw an opportunity to implement futuristic and innovative law enforcement training technology in their training program that will aid with de-escalation training.

Minnesota Police Officers Benefit from New Training Methods

The Apex Officer VR training simulator is giving Minnesota police officers the opportunity to refine their de-escalation skills. Apex Officer has designed the Apex Officer VR training system to help police officers learn to de-escalate potentially violent situations. Additionally, the new training technology and training methods provided by Apex Officer focuses on use of force, de-escalation, and crisis intervention. The training will give officers an opportunity to become more familiar with the use of force continuum and the proper tactical responses to each level of force.

Breezy Point Police Department Utilizes VR Training Simulator

One example of VR training being used in Minnesota is at the Breezy Point Police Department. The Breezy Point Police Department has been using the Apex Officer VR simulator to train officers on de-escalation techniques and use of force. The simulator is programmed with different scenarios, including situations involving mentally ill individuals, school shootings, and domestic violence calls. The department has found the training to be effective in preparing officers for real-life situations and has seen a reduction in use-of-force incidents since implementing the program.

De-escalation Training for Minnesota Police Officers

“As local governments and communities across the nation grapple with vacancies and calls for police reforms, it is amazing to see police departments take proactive steps to improve their training programs,” said Chase Dittmer, co-founder of Apex Officer. “It’s a great way to have officers that not only represent their communities, but are also familiar with the unique challenges and residents. I believe no other training simulator allows police departments to focus training specifically to their state and communities. ”

The Apex Officer training simulator improves officer’s decision making in high-pressure situations by placing trainees into immersive three-dimensional environments and experiences. Students develop a foundation of positive community policing, de-escalation, use of force, and implicit bias skills prior to joining a law enforcement agency.

Learn more about how Rochester Police Departments utilizes the Apex Officer simulator in our recent case study.


Police departments across the state of Minnesota are beginning to use virtual reality technology in a variety of ways to train their officers. Realistic training scenarios in a controlled virtual environment can help the officers in the field make better decisions in a high-stress situation. If you are interested in learning more about how Apex Officer's virtual reality training solution can help your department, please call us at 702.901.5344 or schedule your free product demonstration today to experience the many benefits of VR training for law enforcement training.

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