Virtual Reality Simulator is Preparing Colorado's Future Police Officers

Colorado police academies are using Apex Officer's VR simulators to train their students.

Apex Officer's virtual reality simulator is being used to train the future police officers of Colorado.

Virtual reality de-escalation training simulators are being used to provide the future police officers in the state of Colorado with the experience and knowledge needed to perform under high stress situations.

Apex Officer, the leading provider of VR training simulators for law enforcement, military, and first responders has announced that the Technical College of the Rockies located in Delta, Colorado has installed the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator.

History of Law Enforcement Academies Utilizing VR Technology

Since its inception, Apex Officer’s virtual reality simulator has been used by law enforcement throughout the country. The simulator has been used to train thousands of police officers in the United States.

The Apex Officer simulator and VR training platform is affordable and portable, so it can be used anywhere where there is open space and electricity available (like many police academies). It can be set up relatively quickly and easily.

Apex Officer's VR Police Academy Simulator

Apex Officer is the best VR training simulator for police and law enforcement training academies.

The simulator allows students to feel as if they are were patrolling on the streets of Colorado, instead of a video displayed on a projector screen. Students can identify with their avatar and feel like they really know what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer.

By using this technology, students can become more familiar with law enforcement and also understand how law enforcement is different from other occupations.

Additionally, Apex Officer's virtual reality training simulators are used to teach officers how to respond to a variety of scenarios including: vehicle crashes; officer involved shootings; hostage situations; and active shooter responses.

Police academies in the state of Colorado aren't the only ones that benefit from Apex Officer's VR training platform, police academies across the country are adopting this innovative technology. For example:


There is no doubt that police training is one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of the job. It requires a steady diet of risk, failure, and frustration. However, as I have written on multiple occasions, the hardest part isn’t being able to do what we're trained to do — it's actually doing it. We are so good at making things simple that we often don’t think about how complex they really are.

If you would like to learn more about Apex Officer and how the simulator can provide value to your law enforcement academy, the best thing to do is schedule your free interactive product demonstration.

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