VR Improves Police Training for Ohio Law Enforcement Officers

VR training is being used by Ohio K-12 criminal justice programs, law enforcement academies, & more.

As police departments across the country are focused on improving the quality of their training methods and tactics, law enforcement agencies in the state of Ohio are making major changes. Instead of purchasing an archaic projection-based "shoot or don't shoot" force options simulator, these innovative law enforcement agencies are electing to make a major leap into the future with virtual reality.

As reported on numerous occasions, Apex Officer is the most realistic VR training simulator for police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Ohio Criminal Justice Programs Utilize VR Training Technology

Virtual reality de-escalation training simulators are being used to provide future police officers in the state of Ohio with the experience and knowledge needed to perform under high-stress situations. Stebbins High School is not only an award-winning high school, but it's also the first career technical school in the state of Ohio to provide criminal justice students with the opportunity to gain law enforcement experience while utilizing immersive virtual reality technology. For over 50 years, the Career Technology Program at Stebbins High School has been helping students find their place in the ever-changing workforce.

Virtual Reality Provides Future Police Officers in Ohio with Real-World Experience
Virtual Reality Provides Future Police Officers in Ohio with Real-World Experience

Interested in learning more about how VR is training Ohio's future law enforcement officers? You can get a better understanding and learn more by checking out the Stebbins High School Criminal Justice Program Case Study. Additional case studies are also available to review and learn more about.

Ohio Police Academies Benefit From Virtual Reality Simulators

Throughout the nation, the spotlight is focused on de-escalation and improving police training. The Cincinnati Police Department and Cincinnati Police Academy saw an opportunity to better prepare its officers with training equipment designed to improve decision-making in high-pressure situations. As the primary law enforcement agency for the city of Cincinnati and its 52 diverse neighborhoods, Cincinnati Police Department places a lot of value on its officer's training. The Cincinnati Police Department takes pride in continually advancing and encouraging innovative strategies to prevent crime. After significant research on the various training options and solutions, the Cincinnati Police Academy chose to include the Apex Officer judgmental use of force and de-escalation simulator as a significant component of its training program.

Police Officer in Ohio runs through VR Training Scenario at the Cincinnati Police Academy
Police Officer in Ohio runs through VR Training Scenario at the Cincinnati Police Academy

If you're interested in more information about Cincinnati Police Academy and its innovative training methods. You can learn more about how the Cincinnati Police Academy utilizes its VR training simulator by reading the Cincinnati Police Academy Case Study.

How Cincinnati Police Academy Uses Apex Officer to Train Officers

​Cincinnati Police Academy is Ohio's first law enforcement training facility to use a virtual reality training simulator. Apex Officer is a modern training tool allowing Cincinnati Police Academy to transform how they train their police officers and recruits. The Apex Officer simulator is a virtual reality training system where police officers are able to get hands-on training without having to use force. The simulation incorporates real-life scenarios that any police officer might encounter during their shift. The Apex Officer system is used to help officers prepare and manage high-stress situations. Many police departments around the country are beginning to incorporate this type of training in their training programs.

"Apex Officer's virtual reality technology is a game-changer for police training and is transforming the face of law enforcement," said Chase Dittmer, President of Apex Officer. "Outdated training methods and technology are preventing law enforcement training academies and criminal justice programs agencies across the country from training effectively. The Apex Officer training platform was designed in the field with law enforcement, for law enforcement to save time, money and, most importantly, save the lives of law enforcement officers and the civilians they have sworn to protect. We want to help protect the people that protect us."

Interested in learning more about use of force? This comprehensive guide will delve into the principles, legalities, and training aspects of use of force in the context of Ohio law enforcement training.


Police departments and law enforcement agencies in the state of Ohio and across the Midwest are benefiting from virtual reality police training technology and simulations. If you're ready to take your officer's training into the future, you can get started today for free with an interactive product demonstration.

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