West Coast Police Adopt Virtual Reality Training Simulators

Police departments along the west coast adopt VR training simulators from Apex Officer.

Apex Officer is the leading provider of virtual reality training technology and law enforcement training simulations, and their VR training platform is helping west coast police departments train their officers. Apex Officer is a portable training simulator that allows police departments to train and prepare their officers anywhere. It provides realistic, high-quality simulations of the situations officers encounter in the field.

Police Training along the West Coast

The West Coast of the United States, also known as the Pacific Coast, Pacific states, and the western seaboard, is the coastline along which the Western United States meets the North Pacific Ocean. The term typically refers to the contiguous U.S. states of California, Oregon, and Washington, but sometimes includes Alaska and Hawaii. When it comes to police and law enforcement training, police departments along the West Coast are making massive leaps forward to better prepare their officers.

Examples of police departments and law enforcement agencies along the west coast that train their officers with Apex Officer's VR training simulators:

California Police Officers Prefer Apex Officer's VR Simulator for Training

Police departments in California are turning to virtual reality training simulators to help officers prepare for real-world situations. The simulators provide a realistic environment in which officers can practice de-escalation techniques, use of force, and other potentially dangerous scenarios.

With the help of progressive law enforcement agencies across the state we continuously expand our footprint in the state of California and we are proud to bring the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator to California law enforcement officers.

Sacramento Police Department Upgraded Their VR Training Simulator to Apex Officer
Sacramento Police Department Upgraded Their VR Training Simulator to Apex Officer

Sacramento Police Department Selected Apex Officer as Their Training Partner

Sacramento PD tested and evaluated every VR/Non-VR training simulator available, but none of the systems provided the training experience they were looking for. After significant research on the various options, the Sacramento Police Department chose to include the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator as a major component of its training program.

Lodi Police Department Leads The State of California in Progressive Police Training

Almost every Lodi Police Department officer, dispatcher, and several non-sworn employees have had the opportunity to use the simulator. In addition we have used it in our Citizen’s Academy and have received a lot of positive reviews from all who have used it. We look forward to our continued use of the Apex Officer simulator, so that we can continue to provide our officers with valuable training opportunities and prepare them for the unexpected.

Washington Police Officers Utilize VR to Train

Virtual reality de-escalation training simulations are being used to provide police officers in the state of Washington with the experience and knowledge needed to perform under high-stress situations. Fife Police Department is a notable example of a Washington law enforcement agency adopting and implementing virtual reality training to better prepare their officers. You can learn more about how Fife Police Department utilizes their Apex Officer system by visiting the Fife Police Department Case Study or by watching the video below.

The SEATech Skills Center is not only an award-winning technical high school, but it's also the first career technical school in the state of Washington to provide criminal justice students with the opportunity to gain law enforcement experience while utilizing immersive virtual reality technology.

SEATech Criminal Justice student participating in a VR training scenario.
SEATech Criminal Justice student participating in a VR training scenario.

Oregon Police Officers Train with Apex Officer's Virtual Reality Platform

With the national focus on improving the quality of use of force training for law enforcement officers, the Eugene Police Department saw an opportunity to implement futuristic and innovative law enforcement training simulators in their training curriculum.

West Coast Police Academies Adopt VR Training Simulators

Virtual reality training can be used in a variety of ways. For one thing, it could help law enforcement train and prepare for high-pressure situations. Apex Officer, a leading provider of training simulators for use by law enforcement and military academies around the world, recently delivered a set of VR training simulators to the police academies on the West Coast. Law enforcement training academies across the West Coast of the United States have started adopting virtual reality (VR) simulation technology from Apex Officer. The academies from California to Arizona have started using the VR training simulators to give their cadets a real-time environment in which they can train.


If you are looking for an effective, yet affordable way to train your law enforcement officers, Apex Officer can help. With years of virtual reality experience, the Apex Officer team is committed to providing the most effective training possible. So, if you are interested in virtual reality training simulations, Apex Officer is a perfect match. To learn more about Apex Officer and schedule an interactive product demonstration, interested agencies can visit our Request a Demo page and get started today, for free.

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