New Training for Illinois's Future Police Officers

The future police officers in the state of Illinois can benefit from Apex Officer's VR simulator.

Virtual reality training simulators are becoming increasingly popular in the criminal justice field, as they allow law enforcement officers and other professionals to practice various scenarios in a safe and realistic environment. In the 21st century, criminal justice programs and law enforcement training academies must continue to find new and innovative ways to train their officers in order to keep our communities safe. One such way is through the use of virtual reality (VR). A new VR training simulator has been developed by Apex Officer specifically for criminal justice programs in the State of Illinois. The simulator allows officers to experience various scenarios in a safe and realistic setting.

New Training Simulator for Criminal Justice Programs in the State of Illinois

Apex Officer's virtual reality training simulator is the gold standard for criminal justice programs and police academies across the country. Now, the future police officers in the state of Illinois can benefit from Apex Officer's VR simulator.

As we have seen through the last few years, criminal justice programs are using VR training simulators from Apex Officer to enhance their training programs. Carl Sandburg College is the latest program to retire its outdated projector simulator and take a leap into the future with Apex Officer®.

The criminal justice program at Carl Sandburg College will invest in a new virtual reality system for their students. Carl Sandburg College will use a grant from the Illinois Community College Board for a police training simulator. The grant is to help ease workforce transitions for criminal justice students.

Apex Officer is Providing VR Simulators to Law Enforcement Agencies Across the State of Illinois

In a recent segment by CBS Morning News, CBS News correspondent, Kris Van Cleave, recently visited the Aurora Police Department to check out their new virtual reality training simulator. Some of the most stressful situations officers encounter are with individuals who are mentally ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are often unaware of their own strength or even that they are endangering themselves. That's where virtual reality training comes in.

Carl Sandburg College Criminal Justice Program

The community college’s Board of Trustees approved the purchase of an Apex Officer Pro Training Simulator that will take students through various officer-involved situations.

Dr. Chris Barber, the coordinator of Sandburg’s criminal justice program, said the simulator has students wear backpacks that communicate with devices set up around the perimeter of a room.

They also wear duty belts that hold all the normal tools that officers would have in the field.

“You are carrying everything that an officer would,” Barber said.

But it’s in a virtual world with virtual suspects, working through virtual scenarios from traffic stops to domestic violence calls to active shooters.

“While the student is going through the scenario, I can manipulate the suspect,” Barber said. "The officer can call out commands to that suspect, and then I can have that suspect react, based off those commands.”

Benefits of Apex Officer's Criminal Justice Simulator

One of the benefits of the simulator is the opportunity for students to repeatedly practice de-escalation techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Barber said it trains officers to use the right language and demeanor to reduce the potential for higher levels of force to subdue a subject.

“In law enforcement, you deal with the mentally ill quite a bit. And sometimes words that you say or how you say them can trigger somebody to react negatively,” Barber said.

Virtual reality can also help students decide if law enforcement is truly the right career path for them.

Apex Officer Criminal Justice Simulator Case Studies

Learn more about how the Apex Officer criminal justice training simulator is currently being used by criminal justice programs across the country:


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